A Belgian Millennial Inspired an Ad Campaign for Schweppes in Australia

Belgian idea inspired an Australian Brand

A Belgian idea inspired an Australian Brand

Have you ever wondered if your budding creativity could inspire an ad campaign for big brands on the other side of the World? Then let us inspire you. eYeka would like to share the story of our Belgian creator whose creativeness and idea inspired a successful advertising campaign for Schweppes in Australia. Read on to find out how he did it!

A few months ago, Schweppes Australia challenged eYeka’s creative community to create bright, simple and playful print ads with catchy taglines to convince moms that Pop-Tops is a fun and refreshing drink that brings happiness to their kids while on the go, with its convenient packaging. Out of 118 print ads from 24 countries, it was a Belgian creator, Charly-Dh’s idea that convinced the Schweppes Australia team for their Pop-Tops ad campaign.

Charly-Dh's original entry

Charly-Dh’s original entry

His print ad was to the tee, as it reflected a fruity adventure, was fun and was bursting with vibrant colors. The brand’s feedback about the winner’s choice was:

« Great balance in your creative. We loved how you transport the viewer to a world of adventure that both Mums and kids can relate to. » – Pop Tops

His original print ad idea was consumer-tested by the Australian Schweppes team. The print ad concept was used by Tribe Marketing, Schweppes agency and went on to be featured in food magazines like Taste Magazine and Super Food Ideas. It also was used as OOH advertising in retail stores such as Shopalites and the Warringah mall. Check it out on site:

Pop Tops 2

This is how Schweppes Australia Adapted the Belgian creator’s idea.

This is how a 22 year old Belgian creator inspired an advertising campaign for Pop-Tops, a refreshing fruit juice drink with a very convenient and iconic on-the-go packaging, in Australia. You too could be the next one to inspire one of your favorite international big brands. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of budding creators inspiring big international brands with content and innovation. Until then, satisfy your creative urge on eYeka!

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