Join Our « Creative Crowdsourcing From A Legal Perspective » Webinar on July 23rd at 6PM CEST #eYekaLegal

Click to access webinar registration page

Click to access webinar registration page

Creative crowdsourcing is increasingly used by companies to spur their innovation and improve their marketing efforts. But how does it work on a legal perspective? We know from experience that many (many!) questions arise when we present eYeka, questions like: Do creators who participate give up the IP rights on their entries? How can the crowdsourcing platform help brands and creators handle the transfer of IP rights? Do creators get paid for transferring their IP rights? How does the crowdsourcing platform manage participation by underage creators?

In order to provide some answers to these questions, we’re hosting a free webinar on Wednesday July 23rd at 6PM CEST (6PM in Paris, 12PM in New York City, 9AM in Los Angeles).


Click to see my Linkedin profileCrowdsourcing is rather new, but the rules to manage it (intellectual property law, contract law, etc.) are well-established. Many platforms, like eYeka, have developed a safe and proven set of rules to create a secure and fair crowdsourcing for both brands and creators. Can it be explained in a short webinar? I believe so. Based on my experience as Head of eYeka’s legal department, I will address creative crowdsourcing from a legal perspective, including the following points:

  • How does eYeka help brands prepare for crowdsourcing?
  • What are eYeka’s Contest Rules about?
  • How can contests be adapted for different legal settings (legally restricted topics, confidential projects etc.)?
  • What different types of submissions can creators submit in crowdsourcing contests?
  • How can brands use entries submitted by creatives in eYeka contests?
  • What role does the platform have in transferring intellectual property rights?


These questions will be addressed in our « Creative Crowdsourcing From a Legal Perspective » webinar on Wednesday July 23rd at 6PM CEST (6PM in Paris, 12PM in New York City, 9AM in Los Angeles). I will present some of the legal aspects of creative crowdsourcing in a short presentation (30 to 40 minutes), explaining how to integrate crowdsourcing in open innovation efforts and/or co-creative advertising strategies, before turning to the crowd for a Q&A with the audience. If you already have questions about crowdsourcing and legal, please feel free to comment below or to tweet using the #eYekaLegal hashtag.


I will select some of the answers for a « What if…? » session at the end of the webinar. And, of course, I will answer questions that will pop up during the webinar, trying to keep it in a 1-hour time frame. If you would like to read about creative crowdsourcing from a legal perspective before the webinar, feel free to read my posts on this blog. Otherwise, tune in on Wednesday July 23rd. Looking forward to it!


About Eric Favreau

Eric has been eYeka's legal department for years, which makes him an experienced legal expert in open innovation and co-creation, and gives him a clear view of what can be expected from crowdsourcing on a legal perspective. His simple yet sharp writing style allows him to share his expertise about legal matters with everyone
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