Everything About « Crowdsourcing » and « Legal » In Less Than 30 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to be unbeatable about creative crowdsourcing and its legal aspects? If yes, great! If not, here’s a good opportunity to do so, because it’s all explained in a 26-minute video. Above are the slides of the « Crowdsourcing From A Legal Perspective » webinar, which we broadcasted on Wednesday July 23rd, giving you a brief overview of how it all works. We also have a recording, which is available to all.

If you prefer to be passive, just listen to (and watch) the video in which I presented some of the legal aspects of creative crowdsourcing, explaining how to integrate crowdsourcing in open innovation efforts and/or co-creative advertising strategies, watch the video below:

Click to see my Linkedin profileIf you have any questions that go beyond what I explained in the webinar (I kept it short!) please get in touch with me directly, and send me an email at eric.favreau@eyeka.net. I would be happy to answer your questions, even if you submit the trickiest legal guidelines.

We work with the world’s biggest companies, some of which have – believe me – very tough legal conditions, so there is an answer for everything!

About Eric Favreau

Eric has been eYeka's legal department for years, which makes him an experienced legal expert in open innovation and co-creation, and gives him a clear view of what can be expected from crowdsourcing on a legal perspective. His simple yet sharp writing style allows him to share his expertise about legal matters with everyone
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