See The Winning Eurostar Spots, Now Amplified Online By Eurostar

From today, Eurostar’s social media channels will start to feature crowdsourced videos that depict authentic stories about the unexpected things people have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations. These videos, which were crowdsourced by Eurostar on the leading creative crowdsourcing platform eYeka, encourage travellers to continue to share their stories through hashtags. We’ve embedded the winning videos in this post for you to watch.

On the pavement, in front of me (just music)

The 1st prize (€8,000) went to Wallace75013 from Paris, France, for a nice, short, snappy animation called « On the pavement, in front of me. »

The feedback from Eurostar was:

We really loved the insight that sits behind this creative that people aren’t always what they seem. A simple execution, but really impactfully done and certainly the type of creative we want to be associated with. Well done! (Eurostar)

Sur les rails du passé (in English)

The 2nd and 3rd prizes (€4,000 each) went to a collective formed by four creatives (Pierre Demaret, Laurent Delkiet, Mike Wiz, Etienne Bruchet) from Paris, France, for two videos called « Sur les rails du passé » and « Une ballade en Asie. »

The feedback from Eurostar was:

We were blown away by the production values and loved the character twist. The location is also under documented by us so we love that you’ve helped bring that out. (Eurostar)

Une ballade en Asie (in English)

The feedback from Eurostar was:

The pace and bounce that you’ve provided to this location is brilliant. Not to mention some of the imagery, which really brings to life the story. (Eurostar)

When In Brussels (in French)

The 4th prize (€2,000) went to Camille Meynard from Brussels, Belgium, for a video called « When In Brussels » that really beautifully tells a story of visiting Brussels:

The feedback from Eurostar was:

We were impressed that you managed to really capture the eccentricities of Brussels. Plus we really liked the way you interpreted the ad and kept some of the narrative. (Eurostar)

Thank you for visiting London! (just music)

The 5th prize (€2,000) went to Ritafazendeiro from Lisbon, Portugal, for a video called « Thank you for visiting London! » See the video here:

The feedback from Eurostar was:

We loved the way you brought illustration/animation to already impressive visuals. Plus you have everyone in the office whistle the tune. (Eurostar)




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