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Do you sometimes wonder what happens with the winners of eYeka video contests? Truth is that the confidentiality settings -which are set by the brands- don’t always allow us to unveil the winning spots until the brands actually use them on their social media channels. That’s part of our legal guarantees to make crowdsourcing fair and safe. But recently, some of eYeka’s winning spots have been used by brands on social media. Here are 11 amazing brand videos created by eYeka community members from France, the United States, Japan, Portugal, Belgium and Colombia.


In December 2013, Eurostar launched a contest on eYeka, asking the global creative community to submit witty and funny videos or animations that tell stories of the unexpected things they have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations. In only 2 months, the brand received 26 videos from 11 countries, and awarded €20,000 to five winning spots:

On the pavement, in front of me

The 1st prize (€8,000) went to Wallace75013 from Paris, France, for a nice, short, snappy animation called « On the pavement, in front of me. »

Sur les rails du passé

The 2nd and 3rd prizes (€4,000 each) went to a collective formed by four creatives (Pierre Demaret, Laurent Delkiet, Mike Wiz, Etienne Bruchet) from Paris, France, for two videos called « Sur les rails du passé » and « Une ballade en Asie. »

Une ballade en Asie

When In Brussels

The 4th prize (€2,000) went to Camille Meynard from Brussels, Belgium, for a video called « When In Brussels » that really beautifully tells a story of visiting Brussels:

Thank you for visiting London!

The 5th prize (€2,000) went to Ritafazendeiro from Lisbon, Portugal, for a video called « Thank you for visiting London! » See the video here:

On August 8th, Eurostar’s social media channels started to feature these videos that depict authentic stories about the unexpected things people have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations, encouraging travellers to continue to share their stories through the following hashtags: #WhenInParis #WhenInLondon and #WhenInBrussels. To you want to find out more? Read our press release!


To promote its VIERA 4KTV, an ultra-high definition set with a massive 65-inch screen, as the perfect screen to enjoy watching online videos such as YouTube videos, Panasonic Corporation decided to engage with creative people who produce such Youtube videos at the first place. By launching a contest on eYeka, Panasonic invited creative people from all over the world to create amazing, surprising videos showing how a story or creative moment would be transformed now that they have a bigger and more beautiful canvas for their creativity.

The competition had worldwide appeal with 34 videos received in the space of 5 weeks, from 13 countries as diverse as France, Japan, the USA, Russia, India, China and the UK. Some of the Japanese participants were students from the Nihonkogakuin College in Tokyo. The 3 winning videos, selected by WIRED magazine and Panasonic are:

Dance FX

The 1st prize (€5,000) went to Niwina from France, for a music video full of special effects, called « Dance FX. »

A Tiger in the living room

The 2nd prize (€3,000) went to a young designer and animator from Colombia, JulianCa, who realized a beautifull animation called « A Tiger in the living room. »

To the next level

The 3rd prize (€2,000) went to a young French creative who calls himself Aceblvd on eYeka. He created an uplifting BMX video called « To the next level. »

The three winning videos were used in an online advertising campaign across Japan available from the 23rd of July. You can read our press release here or directly visit the campaign page from Panasonic.


Here’s one we have not talked much about (yet). In December last year, insurance copany Metlife Alico launched a contest asking eYeka’s creative community to submit videos of animations that tell positive, inspirational yet realistic stories about how a little help from others can unexpectedly lead to a dramatic and happy outcome. Again, the community turned out to be very interested, and Metlife Alico received 31 videos from 30 people in 15 countries. In the end, the company chose 3 video contest winners:

Old Umbrella

The 1st prize (€11,000) went to Keisukeitoc, a freelance filmmaker from Japan, for a beautiful animation called « Old umbrella. »

Pink elephant

The 2nd prize (€6,000) went to a young filmmaker from the United Stated, called Hunter Hopewell, or Hunterhopewell on eYeka. His funny spot is called « Pink elephant. »

The worst yet the best day

The 3rd prize (€3,000) went to another Japanese creator, designer and freelance filmmaker ShoFujii, whose spot « The worst yet the best day » brilliantly portrays how an unexpected help instantly turns a woman’s anxiety of living in a foreign country into hope.

All three videos are currently being aired on Metlife Alica’s YouTube channel on an « eyeka video contest » playlist. While the video have not garnered high viewership now, we know that the brand has plans to push these spots out to the world in the future (that’s all we can say, no spoiler!). The winner of the contest, Keisuke Itoh, is currently eYeka’s « Creator Of The Month » which allows him to be featured on our social media channels and to get additional visibility besides the publicity that the 1st prize already got him.


We hope that these spots inspired you! Anyone can participate in creative contests on eYeka, and any brand can get in touch to launch a video competition on our platform. We have already worked with the world’s biggest brands, helping them innovate and market better in today’s competitive world, and helped many creative careers to get off the ground. Start crowdsourcing!

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