First Print Ad Campaign Displays Connection Of Brands And Creatives Through Crowdsourcing

The six current versions of our print ads

How do you get crowdsourcing’s most impactful stories noticed by marketers? The first thing is obviously to have a great online platform, a vibrant creative community and a thriving client base. We do our best to showcase all three of these in our various communication and sales efforts.

But beyond that, as firm believers in content marketing, we believe that there is always a need to communicate about what a company does both online or offline. We already share crowdsourcing success stories on YouTube, we spread crowdsourcing-related content on SlideShare, we go to crowdsourcing conferences, we speak to the media and much more. Here’s an example of our communication efforts in the offline world – that of print media. Look at these print ads that are currently running in worldwide leading marketing publications, and don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about them!

The idea behind this campaign was to equally showcase winning creators and happy clients. We wanted to show the connection between brands and creators (our homepage says « eYeka connects brands and creatives through online challenges » and we wanted to reflect that) and how both parties can co-create better marketing and innovations, together. We also wanted to make it very complete and rich in terms of information -advertorial- rather than just visual and abstract. With the great people from Politburo, we created the following ads:

Crowdsourcing Feature #1: Category Innovation (Oral-B)

Our first advertorial was dedicated to our « Power Interactivity » contest, which was an unbranded innovation contest ran by Procter & Gamble’s oral care team. To accelerate the development of the world’s first connected toothbrush, Oral-B launched an unbranded contest on eYeka’s crowdsourcing platform to seek original ideas on what such a product could offer consumers.

In just 22 days, Oral-B received 67 unique and innovative ideas from community members in 24 countries across the globe. Out of these 67 creative ideas, Oral-B selected three winning ideas that came from Yao Peipei from China (« YPPP1117 » on eYeka), Javier Alcázar from Spain (« Moebius » on eYeka) and Thibault Berrido from France (« Thaubyas » on eYeka), who shared €2,500 of prize money. Our print ad shows Yao Peipei along with Stephen Squire, BFO Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble:1_OralB_eYeka_advertisement

These three winning ideas, as well as the whole set of creative contributions, were analyzed by eYeka, and have helped Oral-B develop and bring to market a branded smartphone app to market in September 2013. This was followed in February 2014 by the launch of Oral-B’s SmartSeries, the world’s first ever Bluetooth connected toothbrush which leverages the app’s technology to help consumers get the most from their oral care routines. Read the whole story here, and download the case study here.

Crowdsourcing Feature #2: Campaign Idea (Hyundai)

Our second feature is about the Hyundai « Live Brilliant » contest. Hyundai was looking to bring to life its global brand campaign “Live Brilliant” with fresh creative expressions that show that a car can create special experiences beyond transportation. Hyundai challenged eYeka to tell original, unique and engaging stories where people have brilliant, memorable experiences with a car, in the form of videos and print ads.

In 5 weeks, the brand received 233 entries from 43 countries as diverse as France, the USA, Indonesia, China or Italy. After careful consideration and screening of all submitted ideas, the brand rewarded 6 videos from the UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic, China and Malaysia, as well as 6 print ad designs from Italy, Indonesia, India and Spain. In our ad, we feature Oceanomare, the winner of the print category’s 1st prize:


The winning print ad design, from an Italian creator called Federico Grosso and nicknamed « Oceanomare » on eYeka, talks about “personal mobile inspiration” and depicts a man sitting in his Hyundai, stopping by a majestic tree who decides to draw a tree house on the car window to complement it. Federico was awarded €10,000 for winning first prize of the print ad category on eYeka. It has been adapted by Hyundai into a series of ads, showing how a cloud can turn into ice cream when you hold a cone up to the car window, or musical notes could be etched when passing by electrical power lines.

Each print ad also features a by-line that states: “This ad was inspired by ideas that consumers shared for the Hyundai co-creation contest at eYeka” making it the first time ever a brand and its creative agency explicitly recognize crowdsourcing as a source of ideas for a global campaign. The campaign ran globally in airline magazines such as Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Korean Air and Asiana Airways, as well as in global publications such as The Economist. Read the whole story here, and download the case study here.

Crowdsourcing Feature #3: Digital Video Campaigns (KLM)

Third, our video contest winner « niwina » got featured. KLM wanted to engage a young, tech-savvy audience in Asia through online videos to let them know of its travel app that allows passengers to plan, manage and share their journeys entirely from their smartphones. We invited eYeka creators on our crowdsourcing platform to show us extreme situations that could happen due to smartphone addiction, showing that KLM’s app can satisfy even the most demanding.

We received 23 videos in 4 weeks with 4 videos selected for amplification. One of them was a zombie flick with a twist, filmed by a young Frenchman living in Singapore, Nirina Ragomaharisoa (niwina on eYeka):


The videos were amplified by a social video distribution agency on several video networks across Asia. The campaign achieved over 1.2 million views with 42% over-delivery on media. Including media and editorial, the campaign generated nearly 25 million OTS (Opportunities To See). What’s more, the videos had a retention rate of 80% (people watching until the end of the clip) v. an average of 60%, proving that eYeka’s crowdsourced content truly resonated with KLM’s young, smartphone–loving audience.

And Nirina had the chance to see his family and friends in France courtesy of the free plane tickets that came with the prizes. Read the whole story here, and download the case study here.

Crowdsourcing Feature #4: Video Campaigns (Schick)

Feature #4 is our campaign for Schick Quattro Titanium, a stylish razor marketed by Energizer Holdings under the Schick brand. To reinforce Quattro Titanium’s positioning and dramatize the difference titanium can make, Schick was looking for authentic and creative content that would drive online user engagement.

We connected Schick with our global community of creators and invited them to create videos and print ads that show moments when Titanium can give an unexpected edge by transforming an object into a stronger and more durable Titanium version. One of the winning videos came from Usyaev, from Russia:


Among 112 entries from 34 countries, Schick selected 3 videos and tested them on Google TrueView in Japan alongside sponsored content from a famous Anime franchise. Campaign results showed that the videos produced by eYeka creators had the highest View-Through-Rates (21%) and the lowest cost to conversion (54% v. historical). Watch the whole story here, and download the case study here.

Crowdsourcing Feature #5: Campaign Ideas (Unilever)

Last of our series is Unilever’s crowdsourcing campaign to find a brand proposition for « Dirt Is Good. » Indeed, as part of its multi-brands communication platform “Dirt Is Good”, Unilever was looking to show mums that letting their children get dirty was a good way to foster their personal development. To seek some fresh and authentic ideas, Unilever turned to the eYeka community, asking its creators to submit print ads and videos that tell unconventional and surprising stories about mums teaching their children important lessons through dirt and stains.

In 1 month, we received 88 ideas from 29 countries – the top countries being France, China, Indonesia, Russia and India. The winners, however, came from other countries. While the first prize for print ads went to a young creator from Switzerland (“Edulien” on eYeka), the first prize for video went to a German named Florian Genal (“Flojoart” on eYeka), an aspiring animation artist and professional dancer:


Flojoart’s creative idea inspired Unilever’s Breeze Active Bleach TVC in the Philippines. In the spot, a mother encourages her son to fully enjoy a football game by dirtying his brand new, spotless football shoes. “Binyagan na yan!” – literally means “baptizing the shoes” or breaking them so they are ready to work.

This case shows that good ideas cross borders and cultures. Flojoart was thrilled that the brand liked his idea and proud to have inspired a nationally-run TVC for Unilever. His €6,000 prize money will bring him one step closer to fulfil his dream of studying 3D animation and becoming a professional animation artist. Read about the whole story here, and download the case study here.

We are working on ad #6… What project would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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