How Eurostar Took Its Brand Storytelling To The Next Level

In October 2013, Eurostar launched its « Stories Are Waiting » campaign, in which the brand shared stories of real people and places in London and Paris through a series of TV adverts. As part of this campaign, the brand also launched a contest on eYeka, asking the global creative community to submit witty and funny videos that tell stories of the unexpected things they have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations.

In only 2 months, Eurostar received 26 videos from 11 countries. One of the winning videos takes the viewer onto the abandoned rails and into the hidden catacombs of the French capital. Watch it:

Eurostar rewarded 4 other videos, created by the same creative collective, but also by a freelance web designer from Paris (France), a baker and director from Brussels (Belgium) and a young producer from Lisbon (Portugal) – where no Eurostar has ever travelled. This is a proof that good content, like good ideas, can come from anywhere.

Watch the four other videos by clicking below:

eurostar eyeka video thumbnails

Alex Hoyle, brand communications manager at Eurostar, explained: “This campaign was an opportunity for us to give back to our audience to showcase some of the exciting, crazy, sometimes weird things that we stumble across in our destinations. We’re all about going beyond the obvious when it comes to the likes of Paris, Brussels and London.

The five winning videos are now being amplified on Eurostar’s social channels, encouraging travellers to continue to share their stories through hashtags like #WhenInParis #WhenInLondon or #WhenInBrussels.

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