Please Take 3 Minutes To Watch Our Community’s Great Work (This Is eYeka’s Video Showreel)

Three minitaure captions from the showreel (featuring community videos submitted for Fa, SK-II and Duracell contests)

Three miniature captions from the showreel, featuring community videos submitted for Fa, SK-II and Duracell contests.

Have you ever wondered how crowdsourcing can help marketers create relevant content? Have you had doubts about the quality of the content that is being submitted daily on our contest platform? We hope you didn’t – our « social content » case studies are supposed to reassure you – but if you still weren’t sure about the value of video crowdsourcing, here’s something for you. We have released eYeka’s Video Showreel on YouTube and eYeka’s Video Showreel on Vimeo, packed with 3 minutes of community-created awesomeness.

Here is the reel on YouTube:

Here is the same reel on Vimeo:

Production by Black Dog TV (Singapore)

Music by Pompeya (Russia), the track is called « 90. »

Video excerpts are all from the community, in order of appearance:

  • « Never Quit » by TonyHussain (USA) for a Rexona contest
  • « 2001 Space Odyssey » by Ji_Sanghoon (South Korea) for a Duracell contest
  • « Play Infinitely » by Vseravno_91 (Russia) for a Duracell contest
  • « Fil Rouge – In Your Hands » by Arthurchays (France) for a SK-II contest
  • « A Guitar Hero » by GC-Studio (Italy) for a Coca-Cola contest
  • « My Watch My Destiny » by Renaud_Kritzinger (Switzerland) for a Raymond Weil contest
  • « Lux Love » by Burubu (France) for a Lux contest
  • « That Fantastic Feeling » by Andrewdonoho1 (USA) for a Fa contest
  • « Watch My Destiny » by Ashhz (France) for a Raymond Weil contest
  • « There is always somethings to do for the first time » by Marcs (Spain) for a Coca-Cola contest
  • « Old Umbrella » by Keisukeitoc (Japan) for a Metlife Alico contest
  • « All The Little Things » by Benjaaa (Morocco) for a Pond’s contest
  • « The Clue » by JMHarper (USA) for a Lux contest
  • « Future Me » by Oblikovsky (Ukraine) for a SK-II contest
  • « Power Up » by Protonsanon (New Zealand) for a Coca-Cola contest
  • « The Escape » by Sams (France) for a KIA contest
  • « TAGmorphosis » by JaimePuerta (USA) for a Tag Heuer contest
  • « Back 2 Basics » by Devonferguson (Canada) for a Kraft Easy Mac contest
  • « Positive Signs » by Foureyes (UK) for a Coca-Cola contest
  • « Go Ahead, Share-It Your Own Way » by Aceblvd (France) for a 3M Post-It contest
  • « Coke Bottles » by Kenarlidge (USA) for a Coca-Cola contest
  • « Silence on Fire » by Andy777 (Australia) for a Doritos contest
  • « Lemons’n’fridge Show » by G-andreani (France) for a Pepsi contest
  • « Aides » by Rom1s (France) for a AIDES contest.

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