Watch These Chinese and British Animations Promoting Saudi Fruit Juice

Established in 1982 in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, NADA is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and distributors of fresh dairy, fresh juice and long life milk and juice products, and you can find their products throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. In June last year, NADA challenged eYeka’s community to « surprise us with unexpected, appealing stories for Nada juices, where every sip counts to help you see the world from a different, better perspective. » Here are 2 of the 3 winning animations.

NADA received almost 30 animations (these are only the accepted ones – the ones that answered the brief and were accepted by our team of moderators – but we actually received many more), and ended up rewarding 3 videos from China and the UK. On the contest results announcement, NADA said « Thank you for the great effort that has been put into those videos, » acknowledging the high quality of the community’s work. « Your creative & unique thoughts really inspired us and added strong value to our scope of work. »

Your creative thoughts inspired us and added strong value to our scope of work (NADA)

Obviously the NADA marketing team liked the videos, and two of them were used on NADA’s Youtube and NADA’s Facebook pages. Watch them below, just for you:

« See the world from a better perspective with Nada! » – by Shu_Wu

This great animation was made by one of our most active animators, Shu_Wu, a professional animator graduated from an Animation school in China. He has been working in several big cities in China, but finally decided to go back to his hometown and set up an animation studio with his friends (here’s where to find out more about him and other Chinese community members).

We liked this video since it conveys the vitality message and retains high production values (NADA)

« Dancing Clean » – by NickMW

This video has been submitted by NickMW, a 31-year-old freelance animation artist from Brighton, UK, who has also been very active on eYeka in the last years. Nick often submits simple and humorous animations like this one, which landed him 4 prizes to date.

We really loved the simplicity behind this video. It has brought us some good laughter, in addition to the idea’s uniqueness (NADA)

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