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In the digital world, more and more brands look to create buzz around their names. Because TV ads are expensive, marketers look for ways to have their brands’ names on everyone’s lips – through savvy activation (which refers to all types of activities that bring brands to life and encourage positive participation – physically or digitally) It’s a tough exercise. Ingredients for success? There are many.

Marketers look for cheaper ways to be on everyone’s lips – through activation.

First, you need to find the right creative idea, the one that is relevant to your brand vision, that sounds true to your consumers and one that is built on emotions. Then imagine ways to make it big so that it travels and grows organically. Finally, make sure you invest in media because well… nothing really happens by its own. Campaigns need a helping hand to get viral. After all virus need handshakes and kisses to pass from one person to the other, right ? Here are a few, recent ideas that I really like. All of them are strong, very true to the brand and they were tactically and brilliantly brought to the public.

« Instruçoes De Seguranca Em Familia” by TAM Airlines

TAM airlines wanted to create a strong emotional link with its consumers. Wunderman, their agency in Brazil has then imagined a great way to involve passengers’ relatives into a powerful event. People who need to travel during Christmas and new Years’ eve are sad to miss the good family moments… How could they feel closed to their families while being above clouds?

Families and friends of some passengers travelling on TAM on December 24th and December 31st were asked to record safety instructions. Their videos replaced the official ones from the TAM crew, in the flights where their loved one were travelling. So passengers saw their husbands, mothers, friends doing the safety instructions: “because no one hopes you a have a good flight than they do.”

Families & friends of passengers were asked to record safety instructions.

The campaign called: “instruçoes de seguranca em familia” was a huge success. Passengers who were suddenly discovering their loved ones on screens were shocked and moved… Great one from TAM who really manage to create a truthful bonding with their consumers.

« Greatest Interception Ever” by Volvo

Another example I quite like right now is Volvo, the « Greatest Interception Ever. » Volvo made a simple observation: there will be a lot of car commercials during the Super Bowl. Rather than adding theirs to the frenzy, they’ve decide to address their consumers in a slightly different mode.

Volvo and their agency GREY asked people a simple question:Who would you give a Volvo to?” On Twitter, during the car commercials, people filmed themselves saying to whom they would love to offer a car and why. At the end of the operation, Volvo will pick five winners and offer them a XC60. The creative idea behind the campaign is quite good: « While other car companies are showing you what matters to them, we want to know who inspires you, who moves you, who matters most to you. »

After the PR stunt is completed, making a video out of it is what will make the project get famous online. The fact of having people tweeting about Volvo when they see competitors’ commercials is genius! They have turned the situation to their advantage. Very clever and efficient.

The idea of having people tweeting about Volvo when they see competitors’ commercials is genius!

The last example I’d like to share with you is the Nokia + JWT case.

« Anna, I’m Coming Home » by Nokia

The campaign targets Filipinos who work in Dubai. They are far from home and suffer from not seeing their relatives often. The agency found out a great insight that led to the creative idea: as expatriates, Filippinos don’t find the advertising campaigns relevant. Nokia, in link with their brand vision (Connecting People) wanted to change this.

Nokia invited Filipinos workers in the UAE to tell their stories of homesickness. Hundreds of them came to a place, one day and told their stories in front of cameras. Five of the most touching stories were then put into Tek cards, and this is where the strong insight comes into play.

The most touching stories were then put into Tek cards, a popular medium that the audience grew up with.

Teks cards were a popular storytelling medium that the audience grew up with in the Philippines. This odd medium was chosen by the agency because it was relevant to the audience, and only to them. It made people feel close to the whole campaign. Nokia also offered a return flight back to the Philippines to these five people, to see their families. Click here to see the touching stories.

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