How A Coffee Maker Crowdsourced A Packaging Design That Stands Out

Click to access the contest results pageDoncafé, a leading coffee brand marketed by the 5th largest coffee maker in the world Strauss Group, wanted to make its small-size instant coffee mixes stand out on the crowded coffee shelves. Without changing the size or the shape of the pack, Doncafé wanted to transform its coffee mix sachets into a vehicle to communicate the pleasurable moments of drinking coffee that delights the senses.

In November 2013, Doncafé challenged eYeka’s creative community to sensualize the product by creating new and irresistible label designs for its sachets and boxes, and received 72 designs from 14 countries in just 4 weeks. The winning idea came from a designer from San Francisco:

The winning design combines a swirl pattern with bright and vivid colors that enhance on-shelf visibility, making it easy for consumers to identify Doncafé and recall its variations. In collaboration with Doncafé’s agency, this easily identifiable and iconic design was implemented into a new pack that hit the stores in September 2014

Today, it doesn’t matter where ideas come from anymore – they can come from anywhere! In this case, it’s an American designer who happened to submit the best design for the Serbian market ; and this is how a leading coffee brand used crowdsourcing to bring an outstanding new packaging design to market in less than a year.

Click to read Holly's interview (via The Napa Valley Register)

Click to read Holly’s interview (via The Napa Valley Register)

This is Holly, also known as « AnnaNThang » on eYeka, who won this contest and displays some of her design work to the Napa Valley Register. The Californian newspaper ran a story about her, in which she explains why she loves to participate in eYeka contests: « Our ideas give marketing teams food for thought, » she said. “We give them the idea. They massage it.”

Would you like Holly and over 300,000 others to think about your marketing challenge? Get started!

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