How NESCAFÉ Has Revolutionized Its Content Strategy For Millenials

Three of the eight winners of the Nescafé contest (click to see all)

In June 2014, the world’s favorite coffee brand launched a new communication platform and a unified look and feel in the 180 markets. NESCAFÉ’s strategic brand transformation seeks to revive the inspiring spirit of the brand and to re-ignite consumers’ desire for NESCAFÉ.

As part of this strategic marketing initiative, the brand wanted authentic, consumer-created content to connect NESCAFÉ with Millennials on its social channels.

In 2014, NESCAFÉ challenged the eYeka community to submit videos based on “It all starts with a NESCAFÉ,” asking filmmakers to submit stories about what they would start with a NESCAFÉ.

“A good idea can come from anywhere” – Sean Murphy, Head of Global Strategic Marketing, NESCAFÉ

After a 6-week competition on eYeka, the brand received 60 high-quality videos from 24 countries across the globe, featuring short films covering Office Games, French Street Rap and even playing on what really inspired Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone.

Watch this short video:

The NESCAFÉ team was overwhelmed by the quality and the diversity of the videos, which provided creative interpretations of the brand communications platform. Recognizing the great work done by the eYeka community, NESCAFÉ decided to reward 8 winners (instead of the planned 5) and to share the co-created content with the world, as part of its commitment to live the brand’s values of innovation, interaction and creativity.

“The winning entries are outstanding videos that really capture the essence of NESCAFÉ” – Michael Chrisment, Global Head of Digital & Media, NESCAFÉ

You can watch all the videos on NESCAFÉ’s dedicated YouTube channel. If you are interested in participating on eYeka as a creator, or if you would like to launch your video contest on the world’s leading crowdsourcing platform, visit Get in touch!

About Julie Rozek

Julie is a Global Business Director at eYeka who specializes in FMCG. She has 20 years experience leading global brands at Ogilvy, Publicis and others. She is passionate about brands, fresh creative thinking and communications with a strong brand voice. She is also fascinated about how Millennials are changing our world. So, in 2012 Julie joined eYeka, a front-runner in the young crowdsourcing industry. She firmly believes eYeka's capabilities can help brands better connect with consumers AND nourish their brand values, at scale. She holds a B.A. from Colgate University, a M.A. from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a MS in Marketing Communications from ESCP Europe.
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2 Responses to How NESCAFÉ Has Revolutionized Its Content Strategy For Millenials

  1. Randy says:

    Hi Julie. Can you tell me how many of the videographers were paid for their efforts?

  2. Julie Rozek says:

    Hi Randy, as the post says, NESCAFÉ decided to reward 8 videomakers.
    As eYeka operates on a contest model, video-makers play to win, and in this case, 5 prizes were guaranteed up front. NESCAFE chose to reward 3 additional video makers to reward good work.
    During and after this contest, we received positive feedback from the community about the brief, the opportunity and the winning work. I hope this answers your question.
    Cheers, Julie

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