Nescafé Reveals The Community’s « Fresh Start » Videos #ItAllStarts

Three of the eight winners of the Nescafé contest (click to see all)

Three of the eight winners of the Nescafé contest (click to see)

What do Office Games, French street rappers and an Inventor have in common? They all start with a NESCAFÉ! In August 2014, Nescafé challenged the community to submit videos based on the “It all starts with a NESCAFÉ” motto. « Tell us what you put behind the “It”. Your story can be big or small. It can change your day or your life, » the brief said. The brand received 60 videos from 24 countries across the globe, and loved the diversity of the creative interpretations.

The world’s leading coffee brand has just shared a sweet video about the project, thanking the community for its participation and the high-quality videos that were submitted. Here is the video shared by Nescafé, and a playlist of the best eYeka videos submitted to the contest.

On the results announcement page on eYeka, Nescafé shared the following feedback with the community:

Dear All,

We were amazed and touched by the volume and the quality of the work, ideas and films.  We looked at all your entries in greater details and with lots of fun, emotion and pride.

We acknowledge the energy the community has put into our brief and want to thank you ALL for your participation.

We really had a tough time selection the winners, because there were so many great entries! We wish we could award many more!

Hope you will agree with our selection and share these.
We also hope you will participate in our possible next conquests.

All the best and Take Care.
It all starts witn a NESCAFE.

The NESCAFE global team – Switzerland, global Head Office.

All the contributions presented interesting ideas and interpretations to Nescafé’s eYeka contest, and there were eight outstanding videos that the brand believed to really capture the essence of “It all starts with a NESCAFÉ”. Below, you can see all the videos that Nescafé rewarded among the submissions made by eYeka’s consumer community:

Curious to find out more? Check out the other work we did with Nescafé in the past. If you are interested in participating on eYeka as a creator, or if you would like to launch your video contest on our platform, rush to See you around on eYeka!

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