How Mondelez Easy Mac Won The Hearts Of Millennials Back

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In August 2012, Mondelez Australia changed the Easy Mac formulation which resulted in a less creamy and cheesy end product. As a result, the brand saw a large consumer backlash with a 320% increase in consumer complaints and significant drop in sales. To address these complaints the company brought back the old formulation to give consumers the cheesy, creamy pasta snack they know and love. To re-gain the trust of consumers, the brand needed to communicate this change to their target market in a cutthrough and engaging way.

In 2014, Easy Mac challenged the eYeka community to submit videos that consumers would love and find so hilarious that it would make them give the product another chance. Easy Mac shared a selection of winning videos on Facebook to build and engage a community, as well as on YouTube through pre-roll ads targeting young consumers. The results surpassed expectations on both channels with Facebook delivering over 10 million impressions (+127% vs campaign benchmark) and YouTube delivering over 200k views (+23% vs benchmark) with an average view-through rate of 18.86%, exceeding the campaign benchmark by 89%!

Mondelez Easy Mac eYeka Campaign Results

“The engagement results surpassed industry benchmarks and we have started to see a turn around with our sales performance.” (Vivian Ly Brand Manager, Mondelez International)

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