Same Mission, Different Platform: How eYeka Has Evolved Since 2007

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When eYeka launched in 2007, we saw ourselves as a platform that connects amateur creatives with brands and media outlets (see eYeka’s first press coverage). Our mission hasn’t changed much, the main difference between the very first version of our website and the current one is just the central role of contests. Today, eYeka offers end-to-end solutions from ideation, curation, validation to amplification, helping marketers to succeed in a competitive and fast-moving world (see our crowdsourcing success stories). To put things into perspective, let us take you back through time and show you how our platform evolved since 2007.

2007: eYeka launches an innovative platform for amateur photographers & filmmakers.

March 2007 - Web archive

2008: We move out of beta, the website becomes available in English, and the first contests appear.

April 2008 - Web Archive

2009: With more contests and more creators, it was time for a redesign!

March 2009 - Web Archive

2010: More brands and creators, a host of new languages and a new tagline!

September 2010 - Web Archive

2011: We launch a brighter homepage and pay out over 1,000,000€ in prizes to the community.

February 2011 - Web Archive

2012: More contests, little design changes, we pay out over 2,000,000€ in prizes.

August 2012 - Web Archive

2013: eYeka introduced « Quick Questions » for more meaningful connections between brands and creatives.

January 2013 - Web Archive

2014: A totally new website to better showcase the community’s creativity to leading brands.

March 2014 - screenshot press releases New eYeka Platform

2015: Our current homepage is attractive and easy to understand for creators and brands alike!

June 2015 - screenshot press releases New eYeka Platform 2

What do you think? What’s next?

About Alix Cuenin

Alix was Marketing and Communication intern at eYeka during the summer 2015. She is student at the European Business School in Paris in the third year, her specialization is marketing. She practices horse-ridding and she likes to read and swim. Alix tweets under @AlixCuenin
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