Some Screenshots Of eYeka Before/After Our Website Redesign

eYeka Creative Landing Page BEFORE and AFTERLast year, we presented a new version of eYeka, our responsive website which focused on allowing creative individuals to better showcase their skills and personal stories to brands. While we were very happy with the new design and received a lot of positive feedback about it, we also noticed that there was still room for improvement, particularly when it comes to explaining what eYeka does for creators, brands and agencies. This week, we have released an improved eYeka website, translated in more languages, with an updated user experience and a totally new layout. Here are some screenshots that illustrate how we changed for the better.

The Home Page (Before & After): Better explaining what eYeka is

eYeka Home Page Before

This page was our homepage for everyone: creatives, brands, students, journalists, analysts… this is what everyone saw first. We chose to feature real humans, clients or creators, to show that eYeka is about connecting both. But we felt that this page could still do a better job introducing new visitors by explaining our different offers and showing how eYeka works for brands and creators. We also wanted to feature an updated design that is more playful and illustrates the idea of the « world’s biggest creative playground » idea better.

So we created this one:

eYeka Home Page After

The Brand Page (Before & After): Clearly highlighting the benefits of eYeka

eYeka Brand Page Before

The brand page is supposed to explain brands how they can use eYeka and solicit the community to solve their toughest marketing challenges. An effective page conveys attractive messages, clear explanations of the benefits and some very important proof points – in our case we think that our prestigious list of happy clients is the best proof point! In this new version we added an example of the output produced by the eYeka community (soon will be added packaging and posters examples too). We also wanted marketers to easily contact us, so we inserted the contact form at the bottom.

Here is our new « for Brands » page:

eYeka Brand Page After

The new Creators Page: Explaining what eYeka brings to creators

eYeka Creative Landing Page Before

Our clients often ask us the same question: “Why do they participate? Why creators are spending so much time on contests?” The Creators page is a new page that answers to this question: they participate to express their creativity, improve on their skills and be recognized as a creator. With this new page, we also present how eYeka can support them in this path, with contests and questions, certificate and feedback, showcase and interviews. After reading this page, their only desire should be to get started on eYeka!

Here is our new « for Creators » page:

eYeka Creators Page After

The Contest Page (Before & After): Removing everything esle than the contest

eYeka Nestlé Contest Page BeforeSimilarly, the contest page hasn’t changed much either. We have removed the menu on the left hand side because we know that a contest page doesn’t need much more than the teaser… creatives are just waiting to « open the door » and read the full brief, they don’t want to browse much more on that stage.

The new contest pages are essentially the same, you will just see a more colorful layout:

eYeka Nestlé Contest Page AfterThese are just some of the changes we made. If you are a web designer, a developer and/or a graphic designer, you will have noticed more technical changes that have great importance for user experience, mobile accessibility or search engine optimization. Many aspects of the participation flow have also been improved, we trust our community to keep coming back to us with feedback and good ideas!

Now I would love to hear from you: What do you think about these changes? How do you like the design? Does it help to learn about crowdsourcing in more languages than just English? Let us know your thoughts below!

About Renaud El Ghozi

Renaud was Product Manager at eYeka. With 5 years of experience as a web product manager specialized in community sites and platforms, Renaud is passionate about the web and building features to please users, and he gets a kick out of websites that are clean, fast, simple, and beautiful <3. You can follow his Twitter @renaud_elghozi (#ux, #ui, #web, #innovation, #lean, #startups, #apps, #devices, #features).
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