Watch @FPetavy and @JoelCere Present eYeka’s #CSReport2015 Findings at @CrowdWeek (VIDEOS)

François Pétavy (CEO) and Joël Céré (Insights & Innovation Director) presenting trends identified in "The State of Crowdsourcing in 2015"

François Pétavy (CEO) and Joël Céré (Insights & Innovation Director) presenting at Crowdsourcing Week

In the last months, eYeka presented the findings of the Crowdsourcing Trend Report at Crowdsourcing Week. We have been involved with Crowdsourcing Week since the first days of the series, which has turned into a truly global, inspiring set of events for innovators and marketers alike. In this post, you can watch François Pétavy (CEO) and Joël Céré (Insights & Innovation Director) presenting the « The State of Crowdsourcing in 2015 » results in Geneva and Singapore respectively.

Crowdsourcing Week Singapore (April 21st)

At CSW Global in Singapore, Joël Céré (Global Insights & Innovation Director) shared insights on the evolution of crowdsourcing and a forecast about where it may be heading. He also took several questions from the audience, which proved to be very interesting!

Crowdsourcing Week Geneva (May 26th)

Then in May in Geneva, François Pétavy (CEO) also presented the evolution of brands’ crowdsourcing usage over time. In a slightly different presentation than Joël’s, he shared the same findings on how crowdsourcing is shaping organizations today, and answered one question from the audience about the important topic of confidentiality in crowdsourcing:

As in the previous editions we attended, Crowdsourcing Week events proved to be thought-provoking and inspiring for all attendees. We were particularly happy to share results that can help the entire industry and that are based on objective, public data. It is important to take a thought-leadership position for a leading crowdsourcing platform like eYeka, and it is much more interesting than seeing yet another vendor sales pitch.

Watch eYeka’s conference presentations on our YouTube channel, browse through our success stories on our Slideshare page and – of course – download the « The State of Crowdsourcing in 2015 » trend report on our website. We hope you will enjoy our content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us any time!

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