What The Future of Money Will Look Like, Envisioned With eYeka’s Community

Digital Payment Whitepaper ThumbnailFinancial Services are going through a deep transformation, as new technological capabilities are maturing and a number of newcomers emerge (Square, PayPal, Google Check Out, Apple Pay…). How will e-money, mobile wallets or cryptocurrencies change our habits? Will banks be disrupted by these new actors in the future? How do consumers see the future of money? In collaboration with eYeka and Misys, the consulting firm Chappuis Halder & Co (CH&Cie) has just released « To Pay Or Not To Pay, That’s A Digital Question, » a whitepaper that includes prospective ideas and trends from eYeka’s community, which participated in the The Future Money Journey contest.

Here’s a section of the whitepaper’s executive summary (p.4) written by the research and editorial team from Chappuis Halder & Co:

Our management consulting team [has] teamed up with banking software provider Misys and crowdsourcing platform eYeka to bring you a glimpse of what lies ahead for payment service providers. […] There is no time to lose. Customer attention is shifting away from banks and revenue will be quick to follow. Our goal is to translate our findings from this study into practical strategies that banks can adopt or adapt to secure market share in the digital age.

How did eYeka participate in this project? We partnered with Chappuis Halder & Co to launch a contest together, called the The Future Money Journey contest, in November 2014. In the brief, we asked our community to « show us how will future-you want to use your everyday money, from payment to loaning, saving, trading and investing » in form of presentations and illustrations.

We received over 50 submissions from more than 20 countries, all of which told a consumer-centered story in the future of payment. Chappuis Halder & Co regognized that the collective creative intelligence told a compelling story: « Some of the key themes are not new; however we think the unconstrained convergence of customers’ views crystallises these trends (p.23). »

The unconstrained convergence of eYeka’s creative consumers’ views crystallised the trends of the whitepaper.

Curious about these trends? Here is the complete whitepaper, anchored at page 23, where eYeka’s community input comes in. You will find the executive summary at page 4.

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