The Quirkiest eYeka Video (Ever?)

eYeka Story Video by Burb Studio

In 2012, we launched a contest called « eYeka Story » in which we asked our community members to tell the eYeka story in a visually creative, thought-provoking and engaging ways so that everyone understands how eYeka can change the world for the better. We received many great videos, one of which (the winner!) we use on YouTube. We recently browsed through all the submissions again, and found this quirky, funny, off-beat video from two Russian creators.

As a reminder, the contest was won by eYeka member Gregork, a creator from Philadelphia in the United States. Here is his winning video, which we feature on our eYeka YouTube page as it explains eYeka in a very clear way:

Among the 39 accepted submissions that came in from 20 countries, which I browsed through recently for inspiration, there was also this quirky video. It was submitted by two guys from Krasnodar, Russia, united under the eYeka username of Burb Studio:

« Hi, sorry for our accent and gramatical mistakes, we are just two dudes from Russia, which saw today a lot of bears on the street and have been drunk already 7 bottles of vodka since we’ve started making this video. And now, we will take a matreshka and go to the seaside by our unicycles. Have a good time and enjoy our video 😉 »

We certainly did enjoy your video (even though we encourage everyone to drink responsibly)! Maybe it doesn’t explain eYeka as well as the first video, but at least it proves that eYeka is indeed the World’s Biggest Creative Playground, right? If you are curious, here’s where to find our more about eYeka’s Russian-speaking creative community, and read the interview of our Russian Creators Of The Month of June 2015.

For those who would like to give eYeka a try, here is a list of all our current contests (for creatives) and here are all our crowdsourcing success stories (for brands).

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