Tea Is Fun! A Video Campaign Gives Japanese Tea A Makeover


Daily Club tea is the top tea bag brand in Japan. While Japanese consumers trust and like the market leader, the brand also expects to be challenged by the competition of other beverages and formats such as coffee, green tea or powder tea in the next years. After redesigning its Daily Club packaging in order to remain attractive and relevant in this competitive environment, the company sought to refresh its brand image and increase brand awareness. As a recognized market leader, Daily Club also wanted fresh ways to talk about the tea drinking culture in Japan, and engaging creative Millennials from across the globe was an opportunity to do so.

In order to give tea a makeover and make it appear fun and contemporary to young consumers, Daily Club launched a creative competition on eYeka, asking creators from across the world to submit creative videos that would shake off the boring image of tea drinking. In 7 weeks, Daily Club received over 40 videos from 18 countries (none from Japan) and rewarded 3 videos that have been submitted by consumers from Russia, the Netherlands and the United States of America. Daily Club and its agency ADK then published the videos on a dedicated campaign page, amplified them on social media, and among the target audience’s most influential blogs.

Daily Club’s “Just 4 Fun” campaign spread quickly in Japan. On YouTube, the video content was viewed over 200,000 times without any paid amplification; On Facebook, Daily Club reached 42,000 people, with engagement rates more than 3 times higher than the benchmarks; and through Twitter the campaign reached over 530,000 people. Over 150 blog posts generated high-quality engagement among Japanese consumers and reached a total PR value of more than ¥ 26 million. Two of Japan’s most famous TV shows, NTV and Fuji TV, spoke about Daily Club’s crowdsourcing campaign, reaching over 3.2 million Japanese consumers.

“We are absolutely delighted with the campaign, collaboratively managed by our agency ADK and by eYeka. We did not expect our DAILY CLUB brand to unleash so much creativity from across the globe, but it was worth it as the campaign had a massive impact among our target market.”

Eiichi Otani, General Manager,

Planning & Administrative Division, Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd.

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