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The attacks of January 2015 against Charlie Hebdo in Paris, where eYeka is headquartered, have started a vigorous debate on fundamental issues such as freedom of expression, respect for other beliefs, and the borders of creativity. In line with our beliefs and values, we decided to launch a « Je Suis Charlie » contest to enable our community to contribute by expressing their support in their very own, creative ways. We received over 300 creative works out of 39 countries (see the top 10 here), all of which we send to Charlie Hebdo, as promised in the brief. We have also just shared the community’s works with the Harvard Library, which has set up an archive to preserve all materials produced in the aftermath of the attacks.

The Charlie Archive at Harvard Library is an evolving collaborative project that includes Harvard librarians, faculty members, and students. The main goal of the project is to preserve manuscript, printed, digital, and ephemeral materials produced in the aftermath of these events. These materials will be archived by Harvard Library, and made available for research and education to scholars, teachers, and students.

Widener Library lit by early morning light Commencement Morning, Thursday, June 7, 2001. Staff Photo by Justin Ide/Harvard News Office

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For scholars, the archive will be used as a resource for research in various fields and disciplines. For teachers and students, the archive will serve as a database and resource for the development of teaching materials.

For all future users of the library, it will document a peculiar moment in the early twenty-first century, when the word “Charlie” all of a sudden took on tragic significance, and became charged with conflicting emotions, opinions, and agendas.

The project will document a peculiar moment in the 21st century, when the word “Charlie” all of a sudden took on tragic significance.

As we were deeply moved by the quality and depth of the community’s participation to the « Je Suis Charlie » contest, and in the spirit of sharing the community’s great work, we submitted all the submissions to Harvard Library’s project. All the 300+ submissions by eYeka members will be searchable for today’s and tomorrow’s Charlie researchers, thus leaving a creative, consumer-created trace in history. This was one of the aims of the project initially, and we are happy to contribute to the Charlie Archive hosted by one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

All the contest submissions will be searchable for Charlie researchers, leaving a creative and consumer-created trace in history.

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