How P&G Uses Crowdsourcing To Build The SK-II Brand #ChangeDestiny

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A brand can have one thousand ways to picture, express and position itself. However, there is only one thing that matters, which is how the consumers see it. That’s why brands do their best to make consumers fall in love with them, or at least bring the consumers closer. When SK-II, P&G’s premium skincare brand, wanted to connect with a younger audience, they turned to consumers from the eYeka community for help.

In 2014, SK-II was looking for fresh ways to bring to life #ChangeDestiny, its “biggest empowerment campaign” to date, in order to appeal more to young, active, connected consumers. With 75% of eYeka’s community members being Millennials themselves, what better way to discover what makes then attune to the brand across touchpoints?

The first SK-II project was a video contest looking for emotional synergy with younger consumers. Additional to fresh and diverse ideas, SK-II needed fewer pieces of content that, whilst delivering a high degree of freshness, would also be closely on-brand. eYeka invited 20 select creators to provide a synopsis of their films, to which SK-II provided feedback and sugeestions, before community members moved into production.

Click on the image to see "Future Me" and "Where Will Destiny Lead You?" on SK-II's YouTube channel

Click to see « Future Me », « Happiness Book » and more videos submitted by the community to SK-II’s first project

The “Future Me” video for example, created by a young Ukrainian filmmaker and his team, not only was the most shareable video of the campaign, but it also became a reference when it comes to user-generated content in the entire category. The content was indeed recognized as highly distinctive for the prestige skin category – thus driving a lot of favorable engagement – but also very insightful for the entire beauty category because young Asian women are uncertain about their futures.

The content was highly distinctive for the prestige skin category, but also very insightful for the entire beauty category.

Building on that success, SK-II used eYeka’s community for a number of additional projects for strategic ideation and packaging design purposes. Since the first project, SK-II and eYeka have worked on 13 projects together (video content creation, packaging design, visual design, interactive platform design, retail experience…), all meant to get consumer-created input to bring to life the #ChangeDestiny platform in engaging ways to make SK-II more attractive to Millennials.

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By putting young consumers at the center of its marketing, SK-II has changed its destiny as a brand. SK-II’s projects have engaged hundreds of creative individuals who have submitted over 1,000 ideas, all reflecting today’s consumers’ expectations of what a prestige skin care brand should offer. Watch the video below to get the whole story:

“Consumers are part of the journey that is changing our destiny as a brand, and that’s amazing.” – Kylene Campos, Associate Marketing Director SK-II, P&G

By tapping into Millennials’ mindset through eYeka’s platform, and by involving them as a part of the brand’s creative ecosystem of agency partners, SK-II formed a creative alliance to be more appealing among the Millennial audience.

Do you want to experience it yourself?

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