Freedom Or Nightmare? Watch eYeka’s Community’s Videos About Young People Living Alone


Remember the first time you live alone, you were so excited that you were jumping on the sofa? Leopalace21, a leading innovator in apartment rentals in Asia, focuses on strengthening their offer to young people and students who are about to embrace their adult life by moving out from their parents’ house and living alone. In October, 2015, Leopalace21 invited eYeka’s community to share their exciting and joyful stories of living alone.

In 42 days, Leopalace21 received 44 videos from 22 countries. The brand selected 3 winners and established a website to show the emotional and impressive videos. On the contest announcement page, Leopalace21 is very pleased with the quality of videos and said: “Thank you for all your entries. It was extremely interesting to see the ideas from videos all over the world. We appreciate all the time and effort you put into your entries. Thank you so much.” Interestingly, it was the first time that both the first and the second prize winners participated in the contest.

The first prize was won by dmitrydurnitsky from Ukraine. His video showed the freedom young people get when they have their own place in a great metaphorical way.

“My rules” – First prize – dmitrydurnitsky (Ukraine)

Leopalace21’s comment:

Power of decision for laying out of the room in the family does not lie in the hands of children, but their parents.  This video has a great metaphorical expression of the freedom children get when they have their own separate home.

The second prize was won by perfectart from the United States. By showing how a young girl moves into her own place and starts her wonderful life, the video motivates young people to take one step towards independence.

« Leopalace » – Second prize – perfectart (US)

Leopalace21’s comment:

We are deeply fascinated by the story and beautiful edits with just a simple sound. While listening to the sound, the video has showed motivation of starting a new life, the loneliness and happiness of living by yourself.

The third prize went to RobinFrolet from France. He told a funny story of a young man who lives freely, happily but messily trying to cover it up in front of the webcam talking to his mum.

“How to pretend that you’re a nice child ?” – Third prize – RobinFrolet (France)

Leopalace21’s comment:

Everyone has experienced degeneration in life quality when they start living by themselves.  It seems overplayed but the expression is interesting.  Impressed with the unique style of edit from various camera angles.  Plus the story was told through the eyes of a mother and the expression was brilliant.

Leopalace21 also showed videos from Slorkblum and niwina, telling two hilarious stories.

“A first apartment for first memories” – Slorkblum (France)

“21 things to do when you are home alone” – niwina (Madagascar)


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