This Dating Website « Cheated » On Its Branding, With The Help Of eYeka’s Community

A Google Images search for "Gleeden," showing some of the brand's traditional communication (click to see for yourself)

A Google search for « Gleeden » showing the brand’s communication (click to see for yourself)

Gleeden is an online dating community and social network primarily marketed to women – specifically those who are in a relationship. It is the worldwide leading service of this kind and, with more than 2.7 million members, has a massive audience. To refresh its brand’s communication and find new ways to engage attract people’s attention, Gleeden recently turned to eYeka, and found fresh ideas to spread awareness for its controversial service.

Gleeden, a portmanteau of the words “Glee” (enjoyment) and “Eden” (referring to the biblical Garden of Eden), is based on the fact that 1 out of 3 members registered on traditional meeting sites is married, and that 70% of women and 72% of men with more than 5 years of marriage have been unfaithful. Gleeden is convinced that there needs to be a site specifically tailored to people in this situation. And they seem to be right, as today the site is very successful with almost 2.8 million people from over 150 countries being registered!

"We do not offer loyalt cards" says the billboard in the Parisian subway (image via

« We don’t offer a loyalty card » says this billboard in the Parisian subway (image via

As the site describes itself as « the world’s premier online extramarital dating site designed by women for women, » its marketing strategy has always been to target women, with moderate to high income, aged between 30 and 50. The key visual is the forbidden fruit, symbolizing pleasure and the act of doing immoral things (note that Gleeden is anything but illegal, as its website states), and the dominant colors are plum, fuchsia and violet tones. Gleeden and its agencies use this visual identity to display provocative slogans and witty word plays, which tends to generate a lot of word-of-mouth and press coverage for the brand.

Gleeden’s key visual is the forbidden fruit, wrapped in violet tones, and accompanied by witty word plays.

But earlier this year, Gleeden wanted a breath of fresh ideas. So they turned to eYeka: « Stop passers-by in their tracks by creating a print ad for, the website and mobile app that makes infidelity for married people easy, simple and secure, » the brief said. In 3 weeks, the community submitted 257 ideas, and Gleeden rewarded 4 winners – more than the 3 that were initially planned. « We [thank] the participants for their original, innovative and « out of the box » creations. It has been a pleasure to review each of them, » the brand explained.

Gleeden rewarded 4 winners – more than the 3 initially planned

Gleeden used two of the winning entries, one of which is radically new compared to its traditionnal advertising, in French print and out-of-home media:

  • « Amanturière » by JulieQuynhle from France, was slightly edited and used as a print ad in the highly popular French magazine Lui in October 2015:

Gleeden eYeka Winner - Amanturiere by juliequynhle

  • « Premium Quality Affairs » by JeSuisGu from Malta, was slightly edited and displayed in the Parisian subway in September 2015:

Gleeden eYeka Winner - Premium Quality Affairs by JeSuisGiu

The two other winners, « Spice Up Your Life » by Raluca_Pantis and « Trompé Sur Toute La Ligne » by Rubinstein, are also expected to promote Gleeden’s website and brand in the near future. We will make sure to keep you posted!

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