eYeka Is 10 Years Old. Here’s How We Looked Aged 10 #eYeka10


Founded in January 2006, eYeka has just turned 10 years old. A decade that kept us busy helping brands reinvent themselves with the help a global community that now boasts more than 330,000 individuals in 167 countries. After more than 900 contests to which over 100,000 ideas have been submitted, it seems like we at eYeka have grown up – or have we? 

« Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up »

Pablo Picasso

As much as we have grown up in 10 years, we are still just kids, right? Meet the 10-year old eYeka team, which works hard on delivering you freshness every day. Can you recognize them or do you need to guess?

Your 10-year-old Global Business Directors

Ambba (MD APAC), Julie, Sara, Julian, Matt (Global Business Directors), Alex (Co-founder) & François (CEO). If you haven’t met any of them yet, you should invite them over for a chat! They would be happy to discuss about eYeka, bathrobes and scale model houses.

Experienced, 10-year-old Account Managers

2Iris, Maïlys, Natasha, Ling & Thomas (Project Managers) are the ones to trust when it comes to managing your projects on a daily basis. If you have time for a Skype call, Iris will do that devastating look and Natasha will lough out loud for you. She might even roll on the floor.

Incredibly smart, 10-year-old Strategists

3Aliénor, Kay (Strategic Planners) & Joël (Insights & Innovation Director) help you make sense of the community’s collective intelligence and transform creativity into actionable recommendations. In one out of 100 client workshops, Kay dresses like on the photograph – true story!

Tinkering hard to make the playground safe

André, Joshua, Xavier (Front End Web Developers), Manuel (System Administrator) & Eric (Head of IT) master all things IT. They tend to have their heads in the cloud sometimes, but your data and user experience is no laughing matter for them. And, yes, it’s a real DeLorean behind Joshua.

Managing legals & payments is serious business

5Emilie (Finance Manager), Alexis (CFO) and Eric (Head of Legal) make sure that the paperwork – from contracts to billing – is properly done. Our CFO did have some hair in the old days, which made him the happiest person on earth. Rest assured: he is still a happy person.

Writing and illustrating the fairy tales


Yaoqi, Yannig (Marketing Managers) & Fabien (Designer) craft stories to stimulate your imagination. If you have a crowdsourcing success story to share, they would love to hear about it, build it, polish it and beam it into space.

Do you remember your 10 years? Sit back, think for a while. Remember the good childhood memories…

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we have published an infographic that retraces some of the company’s biggest milestones in the last decade. Feel free to join the conversation on #eYeka10 and meet us on the world’s biggest creative playground. We are perfectly qualified to solve your marketing challenges.

« You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club »

Jack London


About Yaoqi Lai

Yaoqi works as a Junior Strategic Planner and Marketing Strategist at eYeka, where she helps us spreading the message about crowdsourcing and creativity. She is passionate about branding, marketing and design.
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