Can You Be Creative When You’re Hungry? #HungryMistakes #Snickers #Crowdsourcing

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Snickers is just nougat, topped with caramel and peanuts, enrobed in milk chocolate – or is it? No, Snickers is more. Snickers satisfies. Snickers allows you NOT to feel hungry. Eating a Snickers gets you back to your normal self. That’s why the brand communicates through its « You’re Not You When You’re Hungry » campaign for a number of years now, and it has been quite a success. To give the candy bar’s year-long campaign a creative renaissance, Snickers is asking the eYeka community to invent the next YouTube ad.

Here is what the brand and its agencies have been doing in the past year, just for your inspiration:

  • Snickers got YouTubers from across the globe to post terrible videos as if they were hungry (see more on AdWeek)
  • Snickers found amusing fails all over NYC and put stickers next to them (see some examples on AdWeek)
  • Snickers branded its bars with hunger symptoms – like Coke did with names – on its packaging (watch the spot on AdWeek)
  • Snickers created a photoshop fail and put it on the back of Sports Illustrated’s (check out the visual on AdWeek)

Here’s the teaser of this Snickers contest on eYeka: « When a guy is hungry, he struggles to keep up with the pack and displays out of character behavior. Then he eats a Snickers and gets back to his normal self! […] Pitch to us your stories for a series of 6 videos for Snickers, around our 6 topics and linked to the idea that “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Interest to join?

Click on the contest page to join and suggest Snickers some funny storyboards. The pitch phase of the contest ends on April 10th, and then the selected filmmakers will have until May 22nd to produce their spots. So grab a Snickers and get creative!

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