Creatives Participate in #eYeka10 With Community-Created Website Designs

Today's eYeka homepage

Today’s eYeka homepage, before being taken over by the community

As you know, this year eYeka celebrates its 10th birthday! All along 2016, we will be celebrating this milestone in helping brands to connect with the creative people from all over the globe. First we decided to give the eYeka website a new festive look, with the hot air balloons visual and pictogram, created by our design team here at eYeka. But to associate you – our beloved  community – to the celebrations, we also launched a contest in which we invited you to create a new banner for the home page and a new pictogram which would accompany eYeka logo and symbolize our new age in a creative way.

We ended up with almost a hundred of contributions from 75 participants in 25 countries! We were really touched by your active participation and by your designs, thank you ALL for your inspiring entries.  It was amazing to see the illustrations of how you see eYeka and the creative world of ideas and co-creation.

After long discussions and debates with the whole eYeka team we finally picked our 10 winners. We took many aspects into consideration (quality of the illustration, usability on our homepage and across screen sizes, play of the pictogram and the banner…) and hope that you agree with our selection. Here’s the website’s look with the first winning design, by mariashyrokova from Ukraine  :

The upcoming eYeka homepage, featuring one of the winning designs

The upcoming eYeka homepage, featuring one of the winning designs and a nicely fitting pictogram

We are now looking forward this banner and pictogram – and the other ones in the following months of 2016 – on! Below is the full list of winners, which you can also see on the results announcement page. Let’s start with the ‘Bright minds’ design – and then show all the other fantastic submissions (order is random, there’s no ranking) which earned a prize money of 150€ as a thank you gesture :

eYeka banner for 10 years - light bulbs

I enjoyed working on this project, I think, platforms such as eYeka provide an opportunity to develop their skills and become part of something bigger.

Joyful lightbulbs representing bright ideas, we love this design and the way you make it play with the pictogram. It’s clear, aesthetic, works across all screen sizes and in all cultures… we’re happy to select you as a winner!

eYeka banner for 10 years - train

Why train? I wanted to illustrate the distance that founders, team and the community passed in 10 years after embarking on this beautiful trip.

Your visual was consensually approved by everyone here at eYeka, the whole team loved it. Life is a journey, is what bridges creators and brands, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Full of optimism, this visual is great.

eYeka banner for 10 years - creative moths

My idea emerged after all this time I noticed that for every contest in eYeka always collected a lot of outstanding ideas from all over the world. […] I was compelled to go because I think it is incredible to be part of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary eYeka.

We loved how great the banner and pictogram work together! Very positive and inspiring illustration of our creative eYeka world!

  • A desire, a candle by crecre

eYeka banner for 10 years - candle

The visual looks absolutely fantastic, gathering everyone around the joyful event of eYeka’s 10 year anniversary. Your style and quality of execution made this choice a rather easy one, and we love to reward your entry!

eYeka banner for 10 years - russian dolls

The cultural symbol of Russia, a highly active part of the community, wowed us. In a nice low-poly style, your illustration is very beautiful and stands for diversity – like eYeka’s creative community.

  • eYeka 10 Years Anniversary design by oflaviav

eYeka banner for 10 years - anniversary

The idea itself came because I was about to plan a birthday party around the same time as the contest and I was thinking how do I imply the same feeling, decor, mood that I’m going to have on my friends birthday party to one single banner design

We truly loved the creative, colorful, celebration aspect of your design. Making something beautiful in front of a blank sheet of paper, that’s what eYeka’s community is all about, and you managed to make a good-looking pictogram too.

eYeka banner for 10 years - winning prizes

I got the idea almost instantly after reading the brief. Of course I remembered myself after reading a brief. First you are lost trying to think what can be created, then your brain turns on and starts the thinking process and then – Eureka!

We liked the visual, the steps that you put on paper, and the play with the winners’ cup both in the banner and the pictogram. We look forward to seeing your banner/picto on, and congratulate you for the prize!

eYeka banner for 10 years - flying lightbulbs

Thanks eYeka for the opportunity and for your good organization. I am really happy to be between the finalists. The brief was very motivating “a platform which collect creative ideas that light the world.

These flying lightbulbs – which have a truly unique shape – also represent what the cmomunity stands for: ideas that wait to be unleashed. A witty play, an original variation of lightbulbs, a good-looking visual… we loved it!

eYeka banner for 10 years - paper planes

Making great ideas fly, and hopefully land smoothly on brand managers’ desks, that is eYeka’s mission. The visual looks beautiful and can be used on our site almost as is, which is why we chose to reward this particular design.

eYeka banner for 10 years - nest

Last, but not least, your design stood out for its aesthetics, its clear utilization of the leave in the pictogram, the symbolic of the growing tree whose many trees make it stand out.

  • Not a winner, but the community’s favorite
eYeka community favorite banner for 10 years - gong

This submission wasn’t awarded by the eYeka team, mainly because of the many visual elements& colors that made it too rich

Last, let us share the community’s favorite, which emerged from the participants’ votes. Created by abdillah_abdi01 from Indonesia, it truly reflects the diversity and playground spirit of eYeka, showing a colorful mix of shapes and symbols, even the eYeka logo’s “Y” which rings a gong! A great idea, but we felt that it was a bit too heavy from a visual standpoint, despite the fantastic play with the gong in the pictogram.

Discover all the great winning designs here and in the following months on We hope you will love them as much as we do. Thank you to all the participants and especially the winners for your creativity and inspiration boost! Celebrate THE eYeka anniversary with us this year, you can find out everything about eYeka’s 10 years through the #eYeka10 hashtag.

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