These Videos Allowed CRUNCH Cereals to Engage Gen Z Consumers and Improve Sales

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Among all the ready-to-eat cereal brands on the shelf, CRUNCH is known for its extreme crunchiness. But this distinctive product proposition isn’t enough to stay relevant with Gen Z in the highly competitive category of ready-to-eat cereals. On top of that, since CRUNCH Cereals stopped TV advertising a few years ago, the brand and its distinctive Crunchiness proposition were no longer top-of-mind, and this was reflected in declining sales. It was time the brand connected with young consumers again, but this time the brand wanted fresh, creative video for a uniquely digital campaign. CPW chose to crowdsource their video needs with eYeka.

To engage with French Gen Z consumers, CRUNCH partnered with eYeka’s largely Millennial creative community. The first step was to ask the community for ideas, expressed in the format of a print ad. The challenge was to find out how the crunchiness of CRUNCH Cereals can help teens break the routine and set them free from conventions. The 44 ideas, from 16 countries, helped CRUNCH and eYeka to explore different communication territories and craft a potent brief for the video production phase.

With a sharp brief in hand, eYeka held a video contest, asking video makers to pitch their video stories and prove their credentials. The Nestlé CRUNCH team selected 3 creators, from 39 pitches, and provided them with production grants to shoot their videos. CRUNCH & eYeka worked together with each of the 3 selected video makers to finalize storyboards & produce the videos.

The videos were amplified on Facebook for likes & shareability, and the best performing video was aired on Youtube as pre-roll advertising targeting French teenagers. After two waves of amplification, the videos achieved over 11 million views and more than 100,000 clicks, allowing CRUNCH’s crowdsourced videos to reach more than 55% of the target audience. On YouTube, 82% of the target audience watched the whole advertisement, which far exceeded the market average (70%).

This winning video above, created by eYeka member ‘aceblvd’, featured the popular French YouTuber « MikaelVousEnParle » which garnered additional interest from young teens on social media.

“Throughout the process, the entries proved consistently high in quality. The co-created videos resonated very well with our target audience on social media.”

Julie Ghidina, ‎Senior Brand Manager

‎CPW France, Nestlé & General Mills

By engaging creative consumers in video development from the early ideation stage to production, CRUNCH found an innovative way to talk to its consumers, which resulted in improved sales performance. For a short ppt, please look here:

Millennial and Gen Z consumers want to co-create with brands. They are creative, talented, and are keen to share their point of view. eYeka’s crowdsourcing platform, and its brand partners, empower them to do just this. It’s win-win for both the brand & eYeka’s community of creative consumers! If you’d like to know more, please get in touch!

About Julie Rozek

Julie is a Global Business Director at eYeka who specializes in FMCG. She has 20 years experience leading global brands at Ogilvy, Publicis and others. She is passionate about brands, fresh creative thinking and communications with a strong brand voice. She is also fascinated about how Millennials are changing our world. So, in 2012 Julie joined eYeka, a front-runner in the young crowdsourcing industry. She firmly believes eYeka's capabilities can help brands better connect with consumers AND nourish their brand values, at scale. She holds a B.A. from Colgate University, a M.A. from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a MS in Marketing Communications from ESCP Europe.
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