Creative Consumers Have a Lot to Share About Beauty

With the rise of new independent beauty brands disrupting the previously unchallenged European beauty establishment, and an era where beauty vloggers shape women’s beauty routines, more beauty brands are starting to work with the crowd, not just for them, to keep up with the times.


Lancôme wants new ways to communicate skin care

Skin care messages & codes have been communicated in the same way for years. They don’t resonate with consumers so much anymore. Lancôme asked Creators how they would communicate both its rational and emotional message and how it could be brought to life in a campaign.



Luxury Perfume for Millennials

Each year, an incredible number of new perfumes are launched. With all this clutter, but a lack of meaningful innovation, the category hasn’t been able to attract Millennials. A luxury perfume company invited eYeka’s Millennials to invent a totally new luxury perfume. Product format, user application experience, packaging, distribution – everything was in game.



The Future of Lips Beauty

Lips are a beauty statement. It’s not just about lipstick: there are many new ways to achieve beautiful lips. An international cosmetics brand wants to push the boundaries of lip beauty, so it asked  the community to invent a new and disruptive lips product, package and gesture to please women.


eYeka connects Brands with Creators. It is a global, volunteer-based community, whereby Creators play to win contests hosted by Brands. This unique collaboration allows Brands to tap the Creative Crowd, 75% of whom are Millennials, to inspire and ultimately crack consumer-centric innovation & communications challenges. Click below to take your first step towards co-creating with consumers!


About Yaoqi Lai

Yaoqi works as a Junior Strategic Planner and Marketing Strategist at eYeka, where she helps us spreading the message about crowdsourcing and creativity. She is passionate about branding, marketing and design.
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