Pantene & eYeka – One Creative Idea, Multiple Touch Points, Great Results

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“If you build it, they will come”. Every seasoned marketer knows that a successful launch of a new product requires a great idea and an excellent launch execution. According to Nielsen, “nearly one-third of innovations launched lack sufficient marketing support for concept or product performance to make a real impact.”

Pantene’s 2016 Plan included the launch of a new Summer Treatment product in Japan. Summer in Japan is the time of the year when hair-care products usage is the highest. Pantene was seen as a good quality and dependable brand in Japan but needed to create more excitement and relevance amongst Millennials.

Pantene approached eYeka with the challenge to break hair care clichés and convince teenage women that Pantene’s new Summer Treatment is a must have for the season.

By partnering with eYeka, Pantene found a fresh idea that cuts through the clutter across multiple touch points relevant for teenage women in Japan.

“I am very proud of the campaign’s results because it set a new standard going forward. We grew share during the peak consumption period for the first time in 3 years and rejuvenated Pantene’s equity to a proposition people were eager to go out and buy.

I would definitely work with eYeka again. The use of visual metaphors to tell our ideas were really fresh ways of thinking that made us come up with a holistic plan that was much more interesting and relevant to young consumers in Japan.”

Supriya Singh, Marketing Director

Procter & Gamble, Singapore


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Yaoqi works as a Junior Strategic Planner and Marketing Strategist at eYeka, where she helps us spreading the message about crowdsourcing and creativity. She is passionate about branding, marketing and design.
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