eYeka’s eYe on the Crowd – The Changing Beauty Landscape

The idea of beauty has come a long way. Media has played a big role in defining beauty standards and what can be considered beautiful or not. Over the years, this has conditioned consumersí minds with certain predispositions towards evaluating beauty standards. This is rapidly changing with strong individual consumer point of views and ever-evolving expectations from beauty brands. Beauty is moving away from the idea of prescribed beauty to beauty that is open to many more interpretations, ideas and forms.

eYeka’s community of 370,000+ creators brings in their own unique take on beauty through the entries they submit for contests. Their unique combination of being a consumer and a creative person gives them the ability to express fresh and clutter-breaking ideas.
2015 and 2016 saw a multitude of beauty contests on eYekaís platform by leading beauty brands. These were a mix of innovation and communication contests. The entries from these contests helped inspire the innovation pipeline and brand campaigns by suggesting fresh, creative ways for marketing problems and objectives.

These are brief descriptions of ways the beauty landscape is changing from a consumer’s point of view which the report explains in detail:

My beauty, my way
Personalization and bespoke experiences with beauty products to reflect oneís own individual personality and uniqueness.

Beauty in new formats
New innovative packaging and formats for beauty products that make the delivery of the product and the process of applying more exciting.

Beauty grows finer with time
Instead of a focus on the problems which come with age, celebrating the fact that older womenís experience and maturity makes them even more beautiful.

Beauty with a purpose
Beauty is no more seen as the final destination, rather a springboard to achieve other professional and personal goals.

Beauty on the go
Increasingly time poor women are looking for beauty products to adapt to their hectic schedules which can be applied on the go.

Beauty with a cause
Beauty products that donít just do good for women but also for the environment.

Connected beauty
Connected beauty products which assist women in determining the best beauty products and regimes.

Experiential beauty
Creating multiple digital and physical touch-points for women to interact, experiment and experience beauty products.

To know more, download the report to view the eYeka’s eYe on the crowd and The changing beauty landscape.

About Shivendra Dikshit

Shivendra is a Strategic Planner at eYeka APAC. He has prior experience in advertising as a strategist where he worked on building communication strategies for FMCG and luxury brands. He is passionate about brand building and cultural studies. He holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Leeds University Business School.
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