See How Nestlé, Pepsico and Ferrero are Integrating Crowd Creativity into their Agency eco-system

Clients have started asking eYeka to develop TV and online video scripts. The motivations and the contexts vary, but the overwhelming driver is Clients’ desire for choice, diversity and volume. The most common objective is to nourish the Agency brief, in a time and cost efficient manner.

eYeka helps marketers develop Campaign Ideas and refresh existing Campaign Ideas with fresh stories the eYeka way: through a global, open creative contest, at speed and at scale.

Storyboard ideas for KITKAT online videos in Australia

KITKAT knows that breakers break differently these days. The long, structured break is out, and the short, barely-there, multi-tasking break is in. As a result, we tend to push ourselves too hard. KITKAT Australia asked eYeka’s community to come up with entertaining stories where people snap out of frustrating situations, with the help of KITKAT.

TV script for Chudo to inspire warmth among modern families

Chudo, a leading dairy brand in Russia, asked eYeka’s community to propose a campaign idea illustrated by a TV script. The key objective was to evolve the brand’s communication into a more powerful and emotional territory.

TVC script for Kinder Surprise 

Kinder Surprise wanted to create a TV commercial to show how special Kinder Surprise is and how it’s able to generate emotions. eYeka’s community unleashed their creativity to help Kinder Surprise explore and find the best story.


As you start to develop a new Campaign, a new TVC, or online videos, why not co-create with 350,000 creative individuals, to boost your Agency’s performance?

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About Yaoqi Lai

Yaoqi works as a Junior Strategic Planner and Marketing Strategist at eYeka, where she helps us spreading the message about crowdsourcing and creativity. She is passionate about branding, marketing and design.
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