Bust the Myth: “Consumer Insights Must Come From Traditional Research Methods”

Starting from kindergarten, we tell our stories through crayons and finger painting, more than through words, or telling stories. As any qualitative expert knows, the transformative potential lies in what’s beyond the declarative.

At eYeka, we invite global creative consumers to tell their stories through posters, collages, and product designs. They work on eYeka challenges in their own free time, have 4 days to 4 weeks to develop their ideas, and work in their own personal environment. This fosters priceless raw material for eYeka’s strategic planners and researchers to uncover consumer insights through creativity.

“Creative people are at the forefront of emergent thinking. Since insights can come from anywhere, tapping into creative minds through a dedicated platform like eYeka, can help brands discover new ways of talking about their products & benefits.”

 Bethany Foresman,
Consumer Market Knowledge, Senior Manager Global Fabric Care
Procter & Gamble

What impact does clean clothes have in your life?

Ariel tapped the eYeka creative community, not for its creativity per se, but to identify the small moments when clean laundry really matters. Anyone, including and especially Creators, who have an astute sense of observation and a flair for expression, can have a point of view on clean laundry. For Ariel, the Creators’ storytelling has inspired new insights and sharper storytelling across the fabric business.

What if your skin could talk?

A cosmetics company identified a fundamental shift in consumer’s relationship with their skin, and wanted colourful texture & consumer stories to help inform future product innovation across the category. Instead of starting with focus groups, the innovation team asked the eYeka community to respond to typical projective qual techniques: Think of extreme positive & negative skin moments. Tell us what your skin would say. Show us how it would feel.

How can MILKYBAR help mums & young kids bond more during after-school snacking moments?

NESTLÉ in the UK and Ireland asked the eYeka community to create new MILKYBAR product ideas. Three winners were selected for further product development. However, the quality & insightfulness of the collective intelligence gleaned from the ideas is having the most impact on the business: it has become the cornerstone of the brand’s innovation strategy.

eYeka is increasingly being embedded into qualitative research protocols as research professionals find that creative consumers are uniquely able to express their frustrations and desires. Moreover, the graphic nature of the output is more immediately actionable by marketers vs data and verbatim. This simple “collapsing” of the process speeds up the insight – concept – screening process for both communication & innovation projects.

If you would like to leverage the eYeka community as your idea laboratory, just let us know!


About Yaoqi Lai

Yaoqi works as a Junior Strategic Planner and Marketing Strategist at eYeka, where she helps us spreading the message about crowdsourcing and creativity. She is passionate about branding, marketing and design.
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