See How Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Carlsberg Co-Create to Increase Consumption


Do you want to motivate more consumers to consider your brand and drive purchase? Activations can be strategic or tactical in nature, in-store, digital or cross-channel. The winning recipe is always rooted in a powerful insight, fresh creativity, and of course, impeccable implementation.

The eYeka ‘inside” approach to activations, means that the eYeka community of creative consumers provide brands and their agencies with dozens of mini ideas for every brief; visualized, articulated and mapped out. These mini-ideas act as a powerful and fluid creative springboard for the Agency, much like a Tissue Session, to accelerate consumer-centric creative development for activations.  


Check out how COCA-COLA, NESTLÉ, and CARLSBERG co-create brand activation with creative consumers:

How to convince consumers to order a drink with every food order at McDonald’s?

Fast food and soft drinks go together like Batman and Robin, or Tom and Jerry. But a surprisingly significant number of customers don’t order a drink with their food at McDonald’s. Coca-Cola asked eYeka’s community for activation ideas to convince McDonald’s customers to order a drink with their meal.

Create inspiring bonding moments over sweet snacks with NESTLÉ confectionary brands. 

In today’s hectic lifestyle, simple together time with the mates is often imperilled by individual screen time. To help Brits more actively enjoy their downtime together, NESTLÉ UK & Ireland asked the eYeka community to develop activation & pack ideas across the confectionary category brands, to further encourage bonding moments.

Activate Carlsberg’s brand idea: “Probably the best beer in the world!” 

After bringing back its iconic “Probably the best beer in the world” tagline, Carlsberg wanted to activate its brand idea to increase consumption & brand affinity.  So if Carlsberg was to do anything it would probably be the best and help consumers release daily tensions…. Carlsberg asked eYeka’s community to ideate on activation ideas to engage beer drinkers in a meaningful way.

Local implementation expertise is critical for a successful brand activation, but a good activation IDEA can come from anywhere. If you’re looking for creative, consumer-centric activation ideas, why don’t you tap hundreds of Creators to inspire you, not just 1 or 2? And, then pass the winning mini-ideas onto your local Agency for refinement & implementation.

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About Yaoqi Lai

Yaoqi works as a Junior Strategic Planner and Marketing Strategist at eYeka, where she helps us spreading the message about crowdsourcing and creativity. She is passionate about branding, marketing and design.
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