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Chris Arning specializes in semiotics and cultural insight. He has 10 years of international experience as a qualitative researcher and semiotician. He has a BA in History, an MA in International Relations and studied semiotics under Professor Marcel Danesi at University of Toronto. As Head of Semiotics at Flamingo Research he designed and led semiotics projects for brands as diverse as Pepsico, Pernod Ricard, O2, Manchester City FC and the World Gold Council. He is the author of two Semiotica papers and two ESOMAR papers and is founder and steward of the Linked In Semiotic Thinking Group. He set up Creative Semiotics Ltd, a boutique insight consultancy in late 2010. Since setting up CS he has conducted a brand audit for a music television channel, run a global project on the codes of ‘invigoration’, conducted a logo evaluation for a big UK retailer and worked on several global co-creation studies. He is co-organizer of Semiofest 2012, billed as a ‘celebration of semiotic thinking’. He speaks conversational Spanish and a sort of Japanese.

Using Semiotics in Crowdsourced Ideation – Guest Post from @Semiotico (Chris Arning)

Today, Chris Arning shares his passion about how semiotic analysis can help unlock insights in crowdsourcing projects. Chris, who is founder of Creative Semiotics, has worked with eYeka’s strategic planning team on a number of projects, helping our clients making … Continue reading

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