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As Marketing & Evangelization Manager, Indre was one of the thinking heads of eYeka, and allowed us to be on the forefront of co-creation and Innovation topics. Indre studied sociology and communication, is a keen jazz musician, and now works in qualitative market research in Paris.

Creativity is among us

“The record, not the remix, is the anomaly today.” William Gibson How many people put their photos in social networks after their summer holidays? By consulting your friends’ Facebook profiles, you could travel half the world without leaving home. Yesterday, we took 20 photos … Continue reading

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« Co-creation with the masses does not work », says professor Eric Vernette

Well before brands even started showing interest in topics like co-creation, crowdsourcing and collaborative innovation, university researchers were already evaluating the phenomenon driving importance of increased consumer voice. Not only did they discover positive aspects from integrating the client in … Continue reading

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Interview with Paul Sloane on Open Innovation

« We have to be able to think of people outside as the part of our system rather than customers or complainers« , says Paul Sloane, one of the greatest speakers on innovation today. eYeka interviewed Paul, who has recently published « A … Continue reading

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« Co-creation responds to customer desires », says Professor Emmanuelle le Nagard

Co-creation is a trend today. Some companies experiment it, some others are still reluctant…How do academics perceive co-creation? How do they describe value that collaboration with consumers brings to business? Recently we interviewed Marketing Professor Emmanuelle le Nagard from ESSEC … Continue reading

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Co-creation explained by Knowledge Marketing

Involving consumers in value creation process is not just a trend. Collaborative innovation, co-creation, co-design are becoming natural to the most innovative companies. Therefore, even the collaboration with consumers is growing, notalways the reasons remain clear. Why do companies need … Continue reading

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Why does laughing drive innovation?

If you had told my grandparents when they were 20 years old that one day people would talk and see each other without really meeting each other, they would probably have responded “it’s not possible”. They would also probably have … Continue reading

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