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As Marketing & Evangelization Manager, Indre was one of the thinking heads of eYeka, and allowed us to be on the forefront of co-creation and Innovation topics. Indre studied sociology and communication, is a keen jazz musician, and now works in qualitative market research in Paris.

They are 150 000 creative minds!

They come from the entire world to share their unique point of views on brands and products. What can an art student from Paris, a housewife from San Francisco and a seller from Beijing have in common? They are all … Continue reading

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“China Connect”: time to engage with Chinese consumers

How can you better understand the Chinese consumer? What drives his motivation? How does he perceive your brand? What are his expectations of your products? What are the best ways to collaborate with Chinese consumers? These issues and more will … Continue reading

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Creative individuals invent the Smartphone of the future

What will smartphones look like in the near future? What role will they have in people’s daily lives? eYeka decided to ask its community of highly creative consumers to share their vision for the next generation of smartphones and to … Continue reading

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eYeka will attend the conference on Social Product Development and Co-creation

In June 2011 eYeka members will participate at the Conference on Social Product Development organized by Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) in partnership with co-creation pioneer Local Motors. Many interesting topics on how to use co-creation with consumers in … Continue reading

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Smartphone research. Smart researchers?

Is it worth asking today why people use smartphones? With 5 billion users in the world, this “new” technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. So it is not surprising that market researchers start asking themselves “how … Continue reading

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Goodbye labs. Welcome to the real (research) world

Last week eYeka members attended ESOMAR Insight conference in Brussels where we discovered new interesting trends in research methodologies such as video ethnography or consumer engagement in data interpretation. So what did we learn?

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Insights: 10 principles by Johannes Hartmann

“Once established in a company, insights can mean a strategic change of a business », says Johannes Hartmann. Last Monday eYeka followed a webinar “Insight generation – understanding insight driven innovation” organized by ESOMAR market research promotion organisation. The speaker, Johannes Hartmann, Vice-President … Continue reading

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