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Four Things To Have In Mind When Crafting Your Video Content Strategy – By @RusselCooke2

Many marketing teams and businesses that delve into video they put their focus on the video production instead of the related marketing. Over 100 million Internet users watch video online every day, so it’s not hard to understand why marketing … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing For A Cause: How Ypioca Found New Ideas To Support Brazilian Communities

In a TED Talk called “Massive-scale online collaboration”, Luis Von Ahn, co-creator of CAPTCHA and Duolingo, opens our eyes about the importance of crowdsourcing to achieve noble outcomes. In the past, humanity built the pyramids of Egypt, the Panama Canal … Continue reading

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Beyond the Present Border: Crossing the Chasm – Guest Post by @GeorgeCohta

In 1991, the management consultant Geoffrey A. Moore wrote a book titled “Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers.” It has become a must-read book for bringing cutting-edge products to progressively larger markets and it is … Continue reading

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Co-creation: Meet Your Next Phase – Guest Post by @GeorgeCohta

As you know, the term of co-creation was popularized by scholars C.K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy in their book “The Future of Competition: Co-Creating Unique Value With Customers” published in 2004. We have all heard about the wisdom of crowds, … Continue reading

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« What Gamification Really Means, » – Guest Post from @GeorgeCohta

Research firm Gartner projects that by 2014, 70% of 2,000 global organizations will depend on gamified applications for employee performance, health care, marketing, and training, and that 50% of corporate innovation will be gamified, with American corporations spending several billion … Continue reading

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Using Semiotics in Crowdsourced Ideation – Guest Post from @Semiotico (Chris Arning)

Today, Chris Arning shares his passion about how semiotic analysis can help unlock insights in crowdsourcing projects. Chris, who is founder of Creative Semiotics, has worked with eYeka’s strategic planning team on a number of projects, helping our clients making … Continue reading

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