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Five Predictions for Crowdsourcing in 2014, by @FPetavy

Early last year, François Pétavy shared his visions for crowdsourcing in 2013. He predicted that, after a long inception period, crowdsourcing would « cross the chasm » and would become mainstream in 2013. It turned out that 2013 was indeed a turnkey … Continue reading

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Why crowdsourcing can solve the ‘always-on’ conundrum.

Reckitt Benckiser’s US CMO said recently in an interview to Forbes: « When you are on Facebook, your competitive set is actually not the Unilevers or the Procters of the world, but your uncle’s vacation, your sister’s new baby and all … Continue reading

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More Than Half of Consumer Goods Companies Will Use Crowdsourcing by 2017 [Gartner Report]

At eYeka, we know that the growth of our business rests on some fundamental trends. We believe that there is a lot of untapped creativity, and that both consumers and companies can build on this latent creativity across the globe … Continue reading

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Half of Creatives Believe That Creativity Has Stagnated or Declined in The Last 10 Years

Surveys are dime a dozen, and surveys about creativity are not scarce either. In May 2012, we reported about two surveys, one run by Adobe and one initiated by ourselves, which revealed what the world thinks about creativity. Another survey, … Continue reading

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Agencies Reinvented: Welcome to the Collaborative, Creative Eco-System

Is the current elitist agency model sustainable in a world where creativity has been democratized? eYeka shared the stage with ADK at Spikes Asia 2013 in Singapore to talk about a new, more creative and more profitable model for agencies. … Continue reading

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A crowdsourcing view on the Omnicom-Publicis merger: delaying the inevitable.

John Winsor, CEO of Victors & Spoils and chief innovation officer of Havas and our very own Francois Petavy, CEO of co-creation community eYeka co-authored a provocative thought-piece on the Omnicom-Publicis merger. It is provocative as it contains a fundamental … Continue reading

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Which Global Brands Most Use Video Crowdsourcing [Infographic]

Remember our Brand Crowdsourcing Timeline, which gathers ALL crowdsourcing initiatives launched by the world’s most valuable brands since 2005? Here’s the blog post we wrote back in September 2012, when we launched it. We’ve been continuously updating it since, and … Continue reading

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