Bust the Myth – « Great Ideas Must Come from The Target Market »

The eYeka community of creative consumers helps Consumer Market Intelligence professionals infuse fresh creativity into marketing challenges, upstream in the NPD or campaign development process. Clients often challenge us on one of our core principles: great ideas come from anywhere.

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Time to Lose the Box! Challenge Conventional Thinking by Co-creating with Global Consumers



On 15th March, 2017, AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society) invited Francois Petavy, CEO of eYeka to talk about how brands challenge conventional thinking and build competitive advantage through disruptive ideation by co-creating with the collective intelligence of global consumers. Continue reading

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eYeka’s eYe on the Crowd – The Changing Beauty Landscape

The idea of beauty has come a long way. Media has played a big role in defining beauty standards and what can be considered beautiful or not. Over the years, this has conditioned consumersí minds with certain predispositions towards evaluating beauty standards. This is rapidly changing with strong individual consumer point of views and ever-evolving expectations from beauty brands. Beauty is moving away from the idea of prescribed beauty to beauty that is open to many more interpretations, ideas and forms. Continue reading

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Pantene & eYeka – One Creative Idea, Multiple Touch Points, Great Results

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 16.19.48

“If you build it, they will come”. Every seasoned marketer knows that a successful launch of a new product requires a great idea and an excellent launch execution. According to Nielsen, “nearly one-third of innovations launched lack sufficient marketing support for concept or product performance to make a real impact.” Continue reading

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Leveraging Calendar Holidays to bring to life a Brand’s Voice

A calendar strategy allows Brands to participate in national or global conversations that matter to their consumers, while communicating the brand’s voice. On the social web, this emotional approach engages people beyond product attributes & benefits. And, seasonal innovation drives novelty, engagement and purchase in-store.


NESTLÉ FITNESS co-created New Year’s e-cards to encourage women Continue reading

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Creative Consumers Have a Lot to Share About Beauty

With the rise of new independent beauty brands disrupting the previously unchallenged European beauty establishment, and an era where beauty vloggers shape women’s beauty routines, more beauty brands are starting to work with the crowd, not just for them, to keep up with the times.


Lancôme wants new ways to communicate skin care

Skin care messages & codes have been communicated in the same way for years. They don’t resonate with consumers so much anymore. Lancôme asked Creators how they would communicate both its rational and emotional message and how it could be brought to life in a campaign.

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Are People Really Afraid of The Future?

one utopia, all dystopia

“one utopia, all dystopia” says a poster hang Place de le République, Paris, April 2015.

Why do so many artists and even brands communicate dystopia nowadays?

I’ve asked myself this question for a few months as there are so many manifestations of the fear of the future.

Of course, there are many reasons for people to be afraid of what’s next. The attacks in Belgium, France, USA, Lebanon, Nigeria and those so frequent that happen in Irak and Syria are terrifying and bloodcurdling. As a Parisian I can testify that one of the questions that I heard the most back in November 2015, right after the attacks was “In what kind of world are our children going to live in?” Many parents wonder… the future seems uncertain and frightening. Now it’s the election of the next USA president that seems to crystallize around. Is there a chance that Donald Trump is elected as the next president? Is it going to be really bad? Continue reading

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