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C’est Le Nord! Rejoignez-nous au #ComEnOrDay2016 à Lille le Mardi 8 Mars

Comment réhabiliter la publicité ? Est-il possible que la publicité émerveille de nouveau et joue son rôle de vecteur des messages de communication commerciale ? Comment la publicité peut-elle encore capter l’attention, séduire et créer de l’adhésion à une marque … Continue reading

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eYeka’s @JulianColeman26 Will Speak at « New Frontiers in Food & Drink » in London! #FoodManInnovation

Are you based in the UK or Ireland? Do you work in food & drink and are you looking for some fresh inspiration? Come meet us at New Frontiers in Food & Drink on Thursday March 17th in London. This conference, … Continue reading

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Watch @FPetavy and @JoelCere Present eYeka’s #CSReport2015 Findings at @CrowdWeek (VIDEOS)

In the last months, eYeka presented the findings of the Crowdsourcing Trend Report at Crowdsourcing Week. We have been involved with Crowdsourcing Week since the first days of the series, which has turned into a truly global, inspiring set of … Continue reading

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Join Our « What if My Creative Director Was 25 Years Old? » Talk at #CannesLions2015

By 2025 Millenials will make-up 75% of the workforce. “Disengaged”, “entitled”, “self-centered”, much have been said about the challenges in engaging them. One thing is for sure: they will shake things up! Take Nirina, a 25 year-old French creator who … Continue reading

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Eric Favreau, eYeka’s Head Of Legal, Will Host A Breakfast Session On October 24th

Creative crowdsourcing is increasingly used by companies to spur their innovation and improve their marketing efforts. Both brands and agencies see it as a valuable source of creative inspiration and content creation. But how does this innovative model work on … Continue reading

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eYeka’s @NBorgis Will Present Creative Crowdsourcing at @PrintempsEtudes in Paris

We started this year by being present at the ADFEST. Following this, we will now be at ‘Le Printemps des Etudes’ in Paris for the the very first time. In the past, eYeka has participated in many big conferences and advertising … Continue reading

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SemioFest 2014, A Celebration of Semiotic Thinking, Co-Organized by @ChrisArning in Shanghai

A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog post by Chris Arning about the benefits of using semiotics in crowdsourcing, in which he explained how using semiotics, a powerful meaning extraction tool, that can be applied to creative work … Continue reading

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