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Bust the Myth: “Consumer Insights Must Come From Traditional Research Methods”

Starting from kindergarten, we tell our stories through crayons and finger painting, more than through words, or telling stories. As any qualitative expert knows, the transformative potential lies in what’s beyond the declarative. At eYeka, we invite global creative consumers … Continue reading

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eYeka’s eYe on the Crowd – The Changing Beauty Landscape

The idea of beauty has come a long way. Media has played a big role in defining beauty standards and what can be considered beautiful or not. Over the years, this has conditioned consumersí minds with certain predispositions towards evaluating … Continue reading

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Meet eYeka Express, Our Crowdsourcing Format For Market Research Professionals

Meet eYeka Express, a new crowdsourcing format developed in order to better serve Consumer & Market Insights (CMI) professionals – both within brands, market research and planning departments – who need a fast and affordable crowdsourcing solution for frequent use. … Continue reading

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Co-Creation Forum launches webinar series to discuss experiences and strategies around co-creation

The Co-Creation Forum has been hard at work connecting the worlds leading thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs. As you may know, it recently launched a private social network, which you can join here. Lately, the Co-Creation Forum has also been profiled … Continue reading

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Mc Kinsey survey reveals the trickiness of R&D in emerging economies

  Given the recency and the scope of industries surveyed, the 3rd annual survey on Research & Development (R&D) gives high-quality insights about corporate innovation strategies. Mc Kinsey’s report shows that companies still prefer to manage R&D centrally, not only … Continue reading

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Creative individuals invent the Smartphone of the future

What will smartphones look like in the near future? What role will they have in people’s daily lives? eYeka decided to ask its community of highly creative consumers to share their vision for the next generation of smartphones and to … Continue reading

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The value of creative crowdsourcing: innovation and authenticity for brands

According to Jeff Howe, who dubbed the term in 2006, crowdsourcing represents « the act of a company or institution taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the … Continue reading

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