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Goodbye labs. Welcome to the real (research) world

Last week eYeka members attended ESOMAR Insight conference in Brussels where we discovered new interesting trends in research methodologies such as video ethnography or consumer engagement in data interpretation. So what did we learn?

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Insights: 10 principles by Johannes Hartmann

“Once established in a company, insights can mean a strategic change of a business », says Johannes Hartmann. Last Monday eYeka followed a webinar “Insight generation – understanding insight driven innovation” organized by ESOMAR market research promotion organisation. The speaker, Johannes Hartmann, Vice-President … Continue reading

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Does co-created perfume smell better?

“Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed,” said Coco Chanel. St. Valentine’s Day is approaching and many fragrance brands are preparing for the annual celebration of love. While the celebration of St. Valentine around the world becomes more similar, … Continue reading

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4 Trends to watch in 2011

The world is changing every second. The economic reality is changing. Consumers are changing. So the relationship between companies and their clients should also change. How? Check these four trends that we selected as the most important to develop a … Continue reading

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