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Research shows higher creative engagement of lead-users and emergent customers

In previous blog posts, we talked about research results which compared lead-users to emergent customers in the generation of new product ideas. We also mentioned recent studies which indicate that consumer innovation is NOT a niche phenomenon, and that companies … Continue reading

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Summing up Harvard’s current research in innovation and creativity management

What do Neil H. Borden, who published The Concept of the Marketing Mix (1964), Philip Kotler, who co-authered Broadening the Concept of Marketing (1969), and Theodore Levitt, who wrote about The Globalization of Markets (1983) have in common? They all … Continue reading

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« Co-creation with the masses does not work », says professor Eric Vernette

Well before brands even started showing interest in topics like co-creation, crowdsourcing and collaborative innovation, university researchers were already evaluating the phenomenon driving importance of increased consumer voice. Not only did they discover positive aspects from integrating the client in … Continue reading

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« Co-creation responds to customer desires », says Professor Emmanuelle le Nagard

Co-creation is a trend today. Some companies experiment it, some others are still reluctant…How do academics perceive co-creation? How do they describe value that collaboration with consumers brings to business? Recently we interviewed Marketing Professor Emmanuelle le Nagard from ESSEC … Continue reading

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Smartphone research. Smart researchers?

Is it worth asking today why people use smartphones? With 5 billion users in the world, this “new” technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. So it is not surprising that market researchers start asking themselves “how … Continue reading

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